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Yes Master


New from the Crypt comes”Yes Master” sculpted by the very talented and gifted hands of Adam Dougherty (Kreature Kid). Adam Dougherty’s sculpture captures our insane friend ‘s characterizations perfectly. Adam did a great job on the figure-tightly dressed in simple slacks, shirt and braces, it looks good. The face is an excellant rendition of our poor dimented soul. You even have a small piece of hair to add to the forehead to give him his tousled “just woke up in a padded cell ” look. The asylum base and nameplate was sculpted by the amazingly gifted hands of Fritz Frising (The Headless Hearseman). The base replicates a hint of a corner of a cell with wooden plank floor and barred window. The base gives you just enough to tell a story but not overwhelm the figure. The kit is 1/6th in scale and is cast in 13 solid resin parts. The figure stands 11″ tall and the base is 15″ in height. As an added BONUS the first 50 kits will also include an 8″ x 10″ portrait suitable for framing of our insane friend created by legendary artist Linda Miller. Special thanks going out to Fritz Frising for all of his help with this kit from creating the base to getting permission from Linda Miller’s family to include her amazing artwork with the kit.

Painted by Saul Alvarez

S/H $25.00 for U.S. orders.

S/H $50.00 for Canadian orders.

S/H $95.00 for U.K. orders.

Model Specs:

  • Figure: 11″ in height
  • Base: 15″ in height
  • Parts: 13 solid resin parts
  • Figure Sculptor: Adam Dougherty
  • Base Sculptor: Fritz Frising
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