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Veronica Carlson Horror Queen


Veronica Carlson Horror Queen, sculpted by the masterful Robert Price, this 1/6th scale seven part resin kit features a flawless likeness of the actress in a nightgown standing in front of two tombstones. She stands a fetching 12″ tall on the base and includes a nameplate with an embossed replica of her signature. A limited number of fifty kits come with a 6 1/2 X 5 1/4 parchment, cleverly drafted in in the English tongue and script of old. Each one proclaims the number of the edition of fifty possessed. The certificate is signed by Veronica Carlson as she appeared at the 2014 Resintopia show. Get yours while certificates are still available.

Figure painted by Nick DeAngelo

$20.00 s/h for U.S. orders.

$45.00 s/h for Canadian orders

$95.00 s/h for U.K. orders

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