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The Witchfinder General


“The Witchfinder General”, sculpted by the Amazingly gifted and talented hands of Robert Price.

With the tranquility of Royal England shattered by civil war, evil was spawned at a time of strife in the land. Pounding the innocent in violence and terror this evil man showed no mercy in the pursuit and interrogation of his victims. He was called “The Witchfinder General”. Lust and greed were his only virtues.

The Witchfinder General kit sculpted by the GOD gifted hands of Robert Price is now available. The kit is 1/6th scale consists of 17 solid resin parts. It features two figures with a dead on likeness of Vincent price. The kit can be built as the Witchfinder holding pistol and pouch of coins or with the recently captured witch. The kit also comes complete with a very highly detailed and elaborate base along with nameplate. The backdrop flame is cast in clear resin. Painting and assembly required.

Painted by Nick DeAngelo

S/H $30.00 for U.S. orders.

S/H $60.00 for Canadian orders.

S/H $95.00 for U.K. orders.

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