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“Nova” POTA Linda Harrison 1/6th Scale Solid Resin Bust


“Nova” 1/6th scale solid resin bust brilliantly sculpted by Joe Laudati. No, she’s not the PBS show, nor is she the car you drove to the senior prom. She’s Nova, Charlton Heston’s primitive but cute squeeze from the PLANET OF THE APES! Affectionately known as the female by Dr. Zira, she enjoys raw corn, thick leather choke collars, and romantic horse-back rides through the forbidden zone. Released by Resin Crypt under the name ‘Slavegirl of the apes’, Nova is 1/6th solid resin scale. She comes complete with two ape ‘scarecrows’ and a base depicting evidence of a once great human civilization. “DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL !!!” Painting required.
Bust painted by Thad Rhodes
$10.00 S/H for U.S. orders.
$20.00 S/H for Canadian orders.
$30.00 S/H for U.K. orders.
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