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Brain Thief


Resin Crypt’s “Brain Thief” sculpted by the GOD gifted hands of Robert Price. Robert Price has done an impeccable job sculpting the piece. The likeness of Fritz is dead on as well as the pose. I have always admired Fritz and his contribution to medical science. The kit is 1/6th scale and include both figures of “Fritz” and hanging skeleton along with a highly detailed elaborate base including skeleton stand, table, flasks, both normal brain splattered on floor with broken jar and abnormal brain in jar along with nameplate . The kit consists of 26 parts. The jars and flasks are cast in clear and skeleton is cast in “Glow in the Dark”. Painting and assembly required.

Kit painted by Nick DeAngelo

S/H for U.S. orders is $25.00

S/H for Canadian orders is $50.00

S/H for U.K. orders is $90.00

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