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Black Sunday


Proceed with caution. Parental guidance is strongly suggested. The images below may not be suitable for minors. I think they may thrill you, They may shock you. They may even horrify you. Not since Dracula stalked the earth has the world known so terrifying a day or night. In Moldavia, in the year 1630, beautiful witch Asa Vajdaand her paramour Javuto are sentenced to death for sorcery by Asa’s brother. Before being burned at the stake, Asa vows revenge and puts a curse on her brother’s descendants. A metal mask with sharp spikes on the inside is placed over the witch’s face and hammered repeatedly into her flesh. Resin Crypt is proud to announce it’s upcoming new release “Black Sunday” sculpted by the Amazingly GOD gifted hands of Robert Price. Robert has truly captured and created the feel of a witches trial which occurred over three century’s ago. Amazing detail given to the figure, mask, inquisition and instruments of torture. The drapery of the clothing is exquisite as is the pose and presentation of the sculpture. The detail to the mask is impeccable. The base is highly detailed and will also include the hooded inquisitors in bas relief. The kit is 1/6th scale and come in 29 solid resin parts. included with the kit is the figure, mask, three alternate heads, stake, base, hooded inquisitors with torches and assorted torture accessories. The torches and burned embers for cauldron will be cast in a orange clear. The mask will be removable and can be displayed on the base.

Painted by Nick DeAngelo

S/H $25.00 for U.S. orders.

S/H $50.00 for Canadian orders.

S/H $95.00 for U.K. orders.

Model Specs.

  • Figure: 1/6th
  • Figure: 11 1/2″ in height
  • Base: 10″ x 11″
  • Parts: 29 solid resin parts, 4 cast in clear orange
  • Sculptor: Robert Price
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Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs


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